“I first came to Horizons around 2012, when a staff member told me about it.

When I first came my literacy and IT skills were near non-existent, in that I could just about write, but couldn’t read and was so scared of computers because I thought I’d touch the wrong button and it would explode!

Now I am able to read and write, not perfectly, but well enough to do a Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care. I am also no longer scared of using a computer and will happily use Microsoft Word, Excel and the internet. I am even studying things I never thought of learning like Makaton.

Going to learn at Horizons has drastically improved my confidence, in that when I first came I never used to speak up in class but now the teachers struggle with my willingness to answer questions!

I would recommend anybody to go to Horizons because it can support anyone, regardless of their ‘problems’, to reach their learning potential due to the support that Horizons offers.”