‘I am a lone parent of a 3 year old girl, who approached Horizons when recommended by a friend and I started  there by attending a GCSE English course. I wanted to gain qualifications and widen my opportunities with regard to getting employment. My little girl accessing the crèche facilities made this possible. Finding quality childcare for my daughter would have been a real barrier to my learning, and without the creche facility I would not been able to further my education and gain employment.

Following my first entry into adult education and passing my English GCSE, with increased confidence, I chose to begin a course entitled the Level 2 Certificate in the Children's and Young People’s Workforce. I worked in a school voluntarily at first to gain my placement hours, but they went on to employ me as a Teaching Assistant. I could never have achieved this without the support from Horizons.

Using the Horizons crèche facilities has enabled me to further my education. My daughter has numerous health problems, including severe eczema and asthma and the creche practitioners at Horizons took this information on board and understood my anxieties. They were caring, professional and kept her safe at all times. I would be notified instantly, if they noticed any early signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction and they allowed me an 'open door' to intervene and offer appropriate medication as required.

The positive communications between myself and the creche practitioners meant that I felt confident and at ease to leave my daughter in their care, the way they ensured my daughter’s wellbeing was more than I could have hoped for.’

HORIZONS HUB COMMENT: Vicki went on to work as a Horizon's creche practitioner and became a popular member of the team. She has since completed a level 3 Specialist Support in Teaching and Learning and now works with an organisation supporting young people into education.